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If you’re looking for spectacular porn productions from today’s top studios, then you’re in the right place. Viewers are able to take advantage of this Adult Prime discount for up to 74% off and unlock a massive collection of high-quality content that covers a wide range of fetishes, fantasies, and categories.

The content you’ll find here comes from over 100+ different studios. That means you’ll get a ton of variety. There are more than 20,000+ videos to be enjoyed here as well as 23,400+ photo galleries. Everything you could hope for is covered when it comes to the action. Expect to see cuckolding, cum swallowing, double penetration, vaginal creampies, anal creampies, facials, bukkake, BDSM, and more. The scenes are full-length and action-packed. When it comes to the roster, you’ll have a nice mix of well-known porn stars and fresh-faced amateurs. There’s a ton of diversity, so you won’t have any trouble finding your type. There’s someone for everyone here. This is a membership that gives you everything you could ever want and more.


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I’ve been an avid viewer of porn since my college years. When I got married, my wife wasn’t a big fan. She didn’t necessarily tell me that she wanted me to quit, but her dislike was obvious. I knew I couldn’t justify a bunch of different porn subscriptions, so I had to find one membership that offered enough variety to keep me interested. When I found out I could save 41% with a Naughty America discount, I knew it was exactly what I had been searching for.

Membership unlocks full access to 80+ sites for one low price. Every category you could hope for is covered here. You’ll even find some VR content thrown in the mix. When it comes to the roster, you’ll find fresh-faced amateurs as well as famous porn stars. They vary in every way imaginable, so you won’t have any trouble finding your type. Nicole Aniston, Julia Ann, Emma Star, Phoenix Marie, and Ava Addams are just a few of the 2,790+ familiar faces you’ll get to see in action here.


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It’s not very often that I use the word perfect. I’m extremely picky, but when I found out that I could get a 76% off discount to Adult Time, I had to admit it was the perfect deal. This is where you’ll find all your favorite fantasies brought to life. No matter what gets your juices flowing, you’ll be able to find it here.

Members are treated to a mind-blowing 51,460+ exclusive porn videos as well as 35,000+ photo galleries. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also gain full access to Lady Gonzo and Sister Trick at no additional cost. A lot of people refer to the Adult Time network as the Netflix for perverts and it’s easy to see why. They even have their own original series such as Girlcore, Future Darkly, The We Like Girls Project, and Girls Under Arrest. There’s enough content here that you could binge-watch every single day and never run out of something new and exciting. This is one of those rare deals that are perfect for everyone. 


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Old men need to get theirs too, and that’s exactly what they are doing in Old4K. Sit back and enjoy while these older men seduce young babes into having wild sex with them. These guys are going crazy over the young babes. The younger the better as long as they are legal. In most of the scenes, you will notice it’s the sexy young girl that is seducing the older gentleman into sex and not the other way around as most people would expect. 

Once you have your membership you will automatically gain 13 additional sites that come with the VIP network. These sites each are filled with their content and you get it at no extra charge. The videos you will have access to on Old4K are done in high definition and you’re able to stream or download without any limits. You will also be in awe at the still images on the site. They have been done in high resolution and you’re going to be amazed at just how good they look. You also have the option of putting it on your mobile device and taking your porn with you on the road. To get in on the fun, for a limited time, you can get a 75% off discount to Old4K.

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This is a fun site dedicated totally to amateurs. The site focuses on models between the ages of 18 to 23, so that’s most of the girls you’re going to see. Some of them you can tell right away that they don’t have much experience but as the scene progresses so do they. Next thing you know they are completely into it, showing off their hot bodies, spreading their legs, and fingering their hot pussy. Some might suck on their tits. You can see them as their shyness is overtaken by pure exhibitionists. Now all bets are off and you’re going to end up with a fist full of cum. 

For a limited time, you can save 34% with an AM Kingdom discount which is a great discount when you realize the amount of content that comes with the deal. There are models of all shapes and sizes trying to make a path into the porn business and they hope it goes through the AM Kingdom. More than 3000 sexy young models are vying for your attention. Your membership will give you a front-row seat to more than 6000 steamy videos and 28,000 plus erotic photos. With the regular updates that they put out, this should keep you busy for quite some time.

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The word abuse isn’t used lightly here. These girls are put through the wringer. They have huge cocks shoved down their throat over and over making an incredible mess all over the chick’s face. She will have slobber and drool mixed with cum and her makeup and maybe even some vomit coloring her face. If you’re looking to see a pretty blowjob, you’re not going to get that here. If you enjoy seeing a woman completely broken down where she might be crying or even resisting then you will enjoy every minute of Facial Abuse. Right now you can get a 34% off discount to Facial Abuse

Your membership to Facial Abuse will give you access to more than 600 videos and most of them are in 1080p full HD. You can stream without limits, and you can download but there is a daily download limit. Most of the videos last right around an hour. You also will be able to look at 1,000 photo sets that you can save in zip files. Your membership is also going to gain you access to 9 other sites.

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I know many of you are making the most of this pornstar blog and the quality content it has to offer, but many of you are also passing it by and it’s sad for me because I know what you are missing out on. I have always preferred quality over anything else and yet, here that’s all irrelevant because you get the best of both worlds.

Only the best and biggest names in porn and the action that they star in. While you try to soak in all of that information perhaps you might be tempted with a quick visit? I would take my advice because soon enough you’re going to be wondering why in the hell you didn’t do this sooner.

Looking at regularly updated porn should be a daily thing, and it should also be all the motivation you require to savor the moment and make it your own. It works that way for me and I doubt you’re going to be any different. Just take the first step in the right direction and explore more with blogs for porn!

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If you happened to be put to the test how would you decide to come out on top? If a sex-kitten turned around and looked you in the eyes and said Fuck Me Daddy while staring at you, would you have what it takes to keep calm or would you bend over and tap that fine ass and make sure that she begs you for more?

I wouldn’t even blink. I would bend that smoking hot stunner over and she’d be calling me daddy right up until she swallowed my massive load. You don’t pass up on a chance like that and you sure don’t deny them from finding a release for their daddy issues. You do it like a man and you do it without a single regret. That’s how I like to roll and I’m going to be continuing to make a difference every step of the way. Making it all about yourself comes from getting the most enjoyment and I’m always getting that from Fapcat!

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We all have different priorities. Some people place the roster at the very top of the list when it comes to choosing a porn site while others focus on a certain niche. For me, the most important thing is the production quality. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the babes are if the images are grainy. When I came across this 5K Porn discount for up to 34% off, I knew it would be perfect for me.

Members will find more than 10+ exclusive videos as well as 10+ photo galleries in this collection. Updates are delivered every week, so you never have long to wait for something new and exciting. When it comes to the roster, you’ll be able to feast your eyes upon blonde bombshells with big tits, beautiful brunettes with juicy backsides, and even some edgy chicks with tattoos. They’re all horny as hell and engage in a wide range of devilish delights. This is a relatively new site that’s already becoming a fan favorite. You don’t want to miss out on this deal.


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Like to play games? Nice, I bet you wouldn’t mind messing about with VR porn as well. I’m going to take a guess and say this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve thought about using your VR for something a little more cheeky. I’ve got you covered guys and I’ve also got you some of the best PSVR Porn to experience at your own leisure.

I think there’s a good amount of us who’ve got the itch to give VR sex a try but the only issue is we don’t exactly know where to find online VR porn. I certainly don’t want to spend the bulk of my day looking for something that should be easy to find and I’m sure you could get something nice from it as well.

You can forget about all that because I’ve got the very best in VR Porn links and you guys are more than welcome to take a look at as many of them as you can handle. In fact, I’d be a little sad if you didn’t use them to your advantage so just be sure you take as much time as you need and learn more about what makes for quality VR porn!

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